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The articles on this website explore the ways that consciousness makes sense of reality. The philosophy ranges over psychology, science and metaphysics. A wide view of life is embraced, and this panorama enables me to produce stimulating ideas.

My roots lie in traditional philosophy, viewed from a modern perspective of existentialism. I am also a psychologist, within the field of psycho-dynamic psychology. I am not much interested in some of  20th century Anglo-American philosophy since it has limited itself to analytical logic, with psychology removed from the fields of interest. In my view, a living, dynamic philosophy always needs psychological input as the means of validating the flights of ideas. I tie my philosophical interests to dynamic psychology and create original ideas, as well as updating old ones.

What is the Value of Philosophy ?

It took me years of introspective analysis to realise that a person’s character hinges on the set of beliefs and concepts that he subscribes to. Hence true poverty is not materialistic poverty but conceptual poverty. The fewer ideas that there are in a person’s vocabulary the less likely is it that the person will be able to explore meaning in life. The fewer ideas that are within a person’s grasp, the more narrow and prejudiced will be his outlook on life.

What is the Value of Psychology to Philosophy ?

To answer this question, I open this website with a link to an article that illustrates the inter-twining of these two disciplines. Many more articles can be accessed from the list of additional articles.

Truth Value of these Articles

My ideas are true for me. Are they true for other people?  I explain my views in the article on Truth and Pragmatism.

Psychology and Philosophy
how these disciplines interact.

The Owl of Minerva - the end of an era.

Truth and Pragmatism - the usefulness of a paradigm.

Emotion and Abreaction - a summary of my ideas on emotions and their effects.

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