Record wins on Pragmatic Play

Popular online casino, Pragmatic Play, is reporting record high wins big enough to make even the largests casinos blush, winning the attention of high-rollers all over the world. We’re going to hear from a few of the lucky punters and find out what drew them to Pragmatic Play and what advice they can offer newcomers.

Record wins on Pragmatic Play.

Record wins on Pragmatic Play – Who’s who?

Some of the takings reported on Pragmatic Play so far have been almost mind boggling, but you’re not going to find Dan Blizerian behind any of these! Without trying to sound like a Hollywood news outlet, we’ve been able to get some one-on-one time with the everyday folks behind these record wins on Pragmatic Play.

Max Brookes – $245,000USD

Our first winner here is Max Brookes, a 53 year old farmer from Nebraska. Max has been a keen poker player for a number of years now, but has only recently forayed into the world of online casinos and in fact Pragmatic Plays is his first stop on this journey! He attributes his huge win to keeping a level head, and not playing his own hand but playing the hand of the player opposite him.

The wonderful world of online casinos

From the comfort of their own home, the everyman can now roll just has high as a professional punter. We’ve heard from farmers, delivery drivers, and cooks who’ve taken record wins on Pragmatic Play and some of them have only just entered the world of online casinos. With the barrier to entry so low, and the potential takings so high, it’s not hard to see the reason behind the soaring popularity of these online playgrounds.